Making the Change

Today has been a good day.  I think planning and thinking about my past hangups and how to address them has been a thing that has held me back in the past.  Today, I went out to lunch with a good friend I have not seen in ages.  We met up at the Logan's.  I am a carbaholic, so anywhere that serves yeast rolls is a major temptation.  I could eat those all day....until I found out that each one is 227 calories before I cut it open and smear butter in it.  So, I sat across from those heavenly buttered rolls, and was not even tempted in the slightest.  I moved them to the side of my friend and sipped on water while we waited for our meal.  I think that is the first time I have gone there and not had the bread and a ton of peanuts.  I had a salad with fat free vinegrette and managed to barely use any dressing at all.  I know this all sounds silly, but I am focusing on those little daily things I do without thinking and changing them.  Those are the things that have tripped me up and caused me to become obese.  The funny thing is I did not feel deprived, and had a blast.

Yesterday, my goals were:

1.  Exercise on the elliptical for 25 minutes (done )

2. Eat a healthy breakfast--since I have a tendancy to skip (done)

3.  Plan and log all meals and snacks today. (done)

4.  Walk a mile after supper tonight. --It was too late to walk by the time we finished supper, so I spent a little time on the stationary bike.

5. Drink 8+ glassed of water. (done--the final talley came to 10 glasses of H2O.)


Overall, I think I did really well.  My meals were healthy.  My mind stayed busy, so I was not preoccupied with food.  I stayed under my calorie goal.  And the best news was this morning I had lost 1.2 pounds since yesterday.  That puts me up to a loss of 4.8 pounds since Sunday!  I know this has to be mostly water weight, but I will revel in the glory of the smaller number on the scale.


Now, for today's goals:


1.  Plan what I am going to eat at Logans and NOT eat rolls and peanuts.  (Done--and did not feel deprived)

2.  Do 25 minutes of cardio. --I am really needing to motivate myself with this today.

3.  Drink 8+ glasses of water--at this point, I am at 6.

4.  Log all food eaten.  

5. Go for a walk at the park after supper if weather permits.


I am really feeling the forward momentum that I am making.  This experience is the first time I have really thought that I could really lose weight.  I actually made the comment "When I get to the weight I need to be..."  I know this sounds silly, but I am planning to get down to where I need to be.  Honestly, I do not know what I will look like, and I can not visualize what skinny for me will look like because I have never been skinny as a teen or adult.  I do know that it will feel good.  It will be a sense of freedom.  It will be a weight lifted off of me (pardon the pun).  I am anticipating that day.  

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